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Ancient and Emerging: 5 Major Changes Coming to the Church
John Burton -  Over the last 24-plus years of ministry, one of the most difficult challenges I've faced has been effectively communicating just what changes are coming to the church.

The current church paradigm is so prevalent and saturating in our culture that people just can't seem to wrap their minds...


John Burton

The Battle that Rages for Your Mind   

In Christ we have the ability to recognize and embrace truth. God promises the power and weaponry to pull down every though that attempts to take us captive,so we can live a victorious life. Watch this message from Carter Conlon.

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3 Factors Keeping Youth in Church Through Adulthood

Michael F. Haverluck   (


LGBT Activists Say 'Love is Love' But Struggle to Define Marriage, Especially When it Comes to Polygamy

Monica Sanchez (MCR)


Florist's Funding 'Not Found': GoFundMe Shuts Down Secound fundraiser for Christian Businesses

Heather Clark

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