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Trump Promises 'More Forward Motion' on 'Gay Equality' Under Presidency

Heather Clark
Christian News Network

   Donald Trump told a lesbian publisher in New Hampshire on Thursday that the American people will see “more forward motion” on “gay equality” under his presidency, citing it as a part of his effort to bring people together.
   Trump was interviewed in Exeter by Susan O’Connell, the publisher of Bay Windows, which according to its website is “New England’s largest publication for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender readers.”
   “I’m a lesbian,” she told Trump. “And we’ve had some great progress...


'God Bless America' Signs Fly After Atheist Group Targets Post Office 

Fox News

Pittsburg, Kansas has united in a show of patriotism.
   The Freedom from Religion Foundation cried foul after the group noticed a "God Bless America" banner that employees at the Post Office, had erected...


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EU calls IS Attacks 'genocide,' Obama won't
by Michael F. Haverluck (

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