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First Liberty represents faith-friendly judge

by Charlie Butts

      An atheist group is mounting a legal attack against a Texas judge and his allowance of prayer. 
     Wayne Mack, a Montgomery County justice of the peace, is being sued by the Freedom from Religion Foundation after he rebuffed its demands to stop the courtroom prayers that are carried out by a variety of chaplains.
      First Liberty Institute is representing Mack, and FLI attorney Chelsey Youman says the judge has already survived an 2014 ethics complaint and an investigation by the Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton.
      The Daily Signal reported last year, when that opinion was released, that Paxton pointed out that the 2014 U.S. Supreme Court ruling Town of Greece v. Galloway upheld the right to open public sessions with prayer.
      The judge created the interfaith chaplain program in 2015, which Youman says includes other religions, including a Hindu and a rabbi among the...



At issue: The morality of campus mentors

by Charlie Butts

    Christian-based organizations may need to reconsider how they hire people and define their duties to avoid lawsuits.
    Coty Richardson, an unmarried professor at Northwest Christian University in Eugene, Oregon, became pregnant, and the school insisted she marry the father or stop living with him. She refused, was fired, and filed suit for $650,000.
    The court is allowing the lawsuit, first filed in August 2015, to move forward since she was not directly involved in the religious aspect...


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