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Report: Target CEO out when transgender policy made public

by Chris Woodward

      A news report on Wednesday has brought to light new information about Target's announcement and promotion of its controversial policy for bathrooms and changing rooms that spawned the now one-year-long boycott of the retailer.
    In April 2016, Target published a blog welcoming transgender employees and customers to use restrooms and changing rooms for the gender in which they say they identify. The blog was in response to North Carolina's passage of a "bathroom" law; but according to the Wall Street Journal, Target published the blog without CEO Brian Cornell's approval. In fact, WSJ says Cornell was surprised to learn about it and told colleagues he would not have approved the decision to flaunt the policy, one that several retailers have but do not...



Jihadi who turned to Jesus' testimony so powerful, 'The New York Times' picked it up

by Jessilyn Justice

    Nothing is so beautiful as the moment when you turn your life over to God, when you surrender your heart's desires and ask for His will to be done.
     In the Middle East, staggering numbers reveal just how many Muslims are falling in love with their savior. Among them, former jihadist Bashir Mohammad.
    His conversion is so powerful, The New York Times reported how Mohammad is...


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